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11 classifications by points
5000€ of prizes

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A wide choice of races

7 cyclosportives are partners of the Trophée Passion in 2023 throughout France. Your best results on 3 of them are rewarded.

A challenge tailored for you

Add a new competitive aspect to your cyclosportives! Each leader in his category wears a special cycling bib during the events. The winners of the final classification win a unique jersey. 

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5000€ of prizes

Hundreds of prizes are given out and everyone has a chance. The best performers are rewarded according to points accumulated over the course of the cyclosportives.
A raffle rewards the rest of the participants. 

Nos actualités

Retrouvez dans notre espace dédié les dernières actualités du Trophée Passion. Résultats, nouveautés, infos pratiques... Ne manquez rien!

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